Asset Security

Theft, Accidents and Security Breaches

It’s an unfortunate truth that people want what you have … and some are willing to steal it given the opportunity.

Many companies don’t truly consider the impact and risk of loss until after it’s happened.  In a business, the effect can be catastrophic.

Inovra can help you identify and assess the risks you face and help you properly protect your assets (both physical and intangible) from theft, loss or security breach.

Your property should stay exactly where it belongs … with you.

Understanding Security Risks

Everyone understands why they lock their front door when leaving their home … to keep bad people out, and keep their belongings safe.  People own TV’s, and jewellery, and the loss of these can cause both financial and emotional distress.  Even worse, people might raid the rubbish and steal unshredded bank statements or official documentation, which they use to steal your identity and take credit cards in your name, running up massive debts.

These issues can all be resolved (apart from the emotional distress) but it takes large quantities of time, effort and money to do it.  Prevention is significantly easier than dealing with the aftermath.  We all know this, which is why people invest in reputable locks, burglar alarms, CCTV, etc.

Companies face the same risks as we do at home … they have valuable assets that others want to steal.  From equipment, tools, intellectual property, sensitive data, technical specifications, etc., there are always people with an eye on what companies have and want it for themselves.

Nobody ever lost their job after having a TV stolen in a burglary, but a company can lose customers and profit if someone steals their tools, and they’re unable to operate.  That makes protecting those assets a key business activity.

Being the victim of a data breach (losing personal data, or sensitive information) can cripple a company. 

  • 43% of data breaches involved small businesses in 2019
  • 34% of those data breaches involved ‘internal actors’
  • 93% of companies failed after prolonged data loss

Clearly, failing to properly protect assets and data can kill a business.

How Can Inovra Help?

Our ‘Asset Security’ Program helps companies to identify and protect the assets and supporting facilities the company needs to run.

By focusing on a methodical process of identifying every asset, we ensure none are forgotten and all can be protected as well as they should.

Using the techniques and tools in our program, companies ensure their operations have everything then need to function effectively, despite the efforts of others to prevent it.

Our customers benefit by:

  • Reducing the likelihood of loss of equipment, tools and stock, ensuring they’re available when needed
  • Protecting their reputation with clients by protecting client data and property when being looked after by our customers
  • Being seen as a trusted and secure partner to work with
  • Security awareness becomes ‘just the way we do things around here’

The Process

We understand the fear behind the risk of losing both physical and digital property. With cases hitting the media and the damage that can happen to an organisation’s reputation, it’s a valid concern.

Our ‘Asset Security’ Program is designed to assess your existing security arrangements (both physical and digital) against over a hundred different criteria to identify gaps and weak points before they can be used against you.

Companies who successfully complete the full program can be externally validated against the international ISO 27001 standard, giving your clients and key stakeholders’ assurance of the level of commitment you have to physical and digital security.

Next Steps

1. Schedule a Meeting
Meet with one of our consultants, so they can learn about your organisation and the vulnerabilities you have

2. Analysis and Plan
Together we’ll analyse the security risks you face and develop a specific plan to address them

3. Get Results
Your business security will rise, and you become a much harder target for thieves to take advantage of

Why Is It Important?

At Inovra, we know you are the kind of person who want to protect your digital and physical property.

In order to do that, you need to a structured way of identifying and assessing the risks you face to know how to protect things effectively.

The problem is that this can seem a daunting and long-winded task, and you may feel that you don’t know where to start.

We believe that every company should have the methods and systems in place to protect their hard-earned property from loss and malicious theft. We understand that you worked hard to develop and acquire your property, and it’s right that you want to protect it.

That’s why Inovra’s ‘Asset Security’ Program is based on the international Information Security standard ISO 27001. While primarily focused on protecting information and data, the standard also describes how to protect physical assets (such as computing equipment) from theft and loss and our program extends the use of these techniques to include all physical assets (including vehicles, heavy equipment, etc.). This document was developed with input from academics and business experts to provide a detailed list of requirements for an Information Security system and implementation.

By using this as the base of our Program, we can firstly help you use international best practices to make sure your Asset Security plans and systems are robust and tested for effectiveness. Secondly, your Asset Security system can be externally assessed and, if meeting all the requirements, can be certified as ISO 27001 compliant for the Information Security elements of your system. This gives your business an internationally recognised accreditation that can be used to help reassure your clients of your ability to protect their personal information and intellectual property when in your possession.

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'Asset Security' Program

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