Business Continuity

Prior Planning Prevents ... Well, You Know

Most businesses won’t survive a business disruption if they can’t restore service within just five days.

Fire, flood, pandemic, data loss … any of these disasters could be the downfall of your business.

Inovra can help you identify your risks and put steps in place to ensure you survive disasters like these.

Your business will survive, and you will keep your reputation for reliability and stability.

Understand Your Risks

Did you know that 40-60% of small businesses never reopen after a disaster?

Did you know that 90% fail if they’re unable to restore operations within 5 days?

Businesses expect some bumps in the road, but a major accident can be disastrous.  Fire, flood, loss of key staff, etc. … recovering from any disaster involves money, time and effort, but too many companies don’t know what to do when a disaster hits, and waste those precious resources at a time when they can’t afford to.

Think about fire evacuations … why do we run fire drills?  It’s so everyone knows exactly what to do in a ‘fire’ situation to prevent loss of life, and minimise loss to the business. 

Can you imagine trying to run a fire evacuation if nobody had practiced before?  There’d be confusion, mixed messages, people doing the wrong things or not knowing what’s expected of them … and people could die.

Substitute almost any other disaster scenario into the place of ‘fire’ and you can see how prior planning and practice can help protect both the staff and the business.

How Can Inovra Help?

Inovra helps you identify and assess all the risks you face in key parts of your business. 

Together, we then prioritise the greatest risks you face and develop two plans:

  • How you can minimise the probability and damage the risk could inflict
  • How you would recover after it took place

We help you communicate and implement these strategies with your team, and how you test them to see what works and what needs improving.

The Process

We understand how overwhelming a major disruption can be, both on a business and a personal level. Uncertainty about what the best course of action is can feel paralysing.

Our ‘Business Continuity’ Program has been designed to methodically take you from identifying the risks you face, through to establishing the plans necessary to keep you operational and able to recover afterwards.

It is based on international best practice, giving you the benefit of the lessons learned by both academics and multinational corporations across the globe.

By following our program:

  • Your team will know what to do when a disaster strikes, trained and practiced they will start the recovery process for you automatically
  • Speedy response by your team minimises the damage and any losses, saving you money
  • Preparedness minimises the disruption for your customers, protecting your reputation from damage

Next Steps

1. Schedule a Meeting
Meet with one of our consultants, so they can learn about your organisation and your vulnerabilities.

2. Analysis and Plan
Together we’ll analyse the business risks you face and develop a specific plan to try to minimise them, whilst planning how to recover from any that occur.

3. Get Results
Your preparedness for disruptions rise, and you can demonstrate to customers that you’ll be ready and able to support them no matter what.

Why is it Important?

At Inovra, we know you are the kind of people who want to be seen as a reliable and stable supply chain partner.

But in order to be seen that way, you actually need to be both reliable and able to communicate this to potential customers.

So how do you show people that this actually true?

We believe that the companies who are willing to commit to being there for their customers, regardless of what’s happening, deserve to be acknowledged. We understand it’s no small commitment and that does deserve recognition.

That’s why Inovra’s ‘Business Continuity’ Program is based on the international Business Continuity standard ISO 22301. This standard was developed with input  from academics and business experts to provide a detailed list of requirements for a Business Continuity system and implementation.

By using this as the base of our Program, we can firstly help you use best practices to make sure your Business Continuity plans and systems are robust and tested for effectiveness. Secondly, your Business Continuity system can be externally assessed and, if meeting all the requirements, can be certified as ISO 22301 compliant. This gives your business an internationally recognised accreditation that can be used to help reassure your clients of your ability to support them regardless of any disruptions you may encounter.

So call now, and we will help you stand out amongst your competition and become recognised as a supply chain partner customers can always rely on.

'Business Continuity' Program

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