Case Study – Quality Plan Exercise


This Case Study is an opportunity for you to try applying the theory we’ve covered so far on a hypothetical business.

The answers are in the Study Resources section, but please don’t read them until you’ve tried the exercise.  While your answers may not match ours, the process of trying is a key part of the educational advantage this exercise will bring.

In reality, two people undertaking this exercise will most likely have different answers, but therein lies the strength of collaborating with others.  You may identify something they’ve missed, and vice versa.  Having multiple people undertaking an analysis like this and sharing results can yield far more effective and accurate analyses than one person alone.

To make life a bit more interesting for you, you’re now going to write a Quality Plan for a hypothetical coffee shop, Café de Qualité.

Café de Qualité Case Study

Café de Qualité is a small coffee shop that offers a sit-down coffee drinking experience in its seating area.  The Café only sells a single brand of fresh, barista-prepared coffee, and has different sizes of cup for the customer to choose from.

The Customer enters the Café, selects their size preference from the menu, orders their coffee at the till and pays.  They then take a seat at a free table and wait for the coffee to be delivered to their table.

When the drink is prepared by the barista, a member of waiting staff delivers the beverage to the Customer at their table.

When the Customer has consumed their coffee and left their table, the waiting staff clears the table and cleans it, returning the crockery and utensils to the washing area.  The Washer then cleans the crockery and utensils and returns them to the Preparation area ready to be used again.

Your task is to write the elements of the Quality Plan for this service.

You’ll can use the Case Study Handout for this exercise.  Print it off, and try to complete the exercise.

NB  The answers are in Study Resources. 

Don’t look until you’ve tried the exercise. 

Being given the answers doesn’t help you learn, but comparing your answers with mine will help you question why any differences exist, and start to tease out the assumptions you made (and hopefully the assumptions that I made in writing the Case Study).