Congratulations!  You’ve now finished the course!

Hopefully, you now have a far better understanding of what Quality is, how it applies to yoru organisation and your customers.

You’ve also applied your new learning to the Case Study, perhaps coming up with different answers to the ones we did, but that’s OK.   The Case Study is generic enough for different answers to still be correct.

So What’s Next?

If we were to ask you to repeat the Case Study Exercise on your own organisation, department or team … do you think you’d be able to? 

Perhaps you made notes about your own organisation as you’ve worked through the course, ready to apply your new skills?  That’s good.  Even if you didn’t, if you sat down with a notepad, could you start drafting the process out if you were asked to?

We wrote this course for two purposes:

  • To introduce people to the idea of Quality and how to start managing it
  • To take away the extensive vacabulary that’s used in Quality Management circles to show that concepts underpinning Quality Management are actually quite simple

It is our deepest hope that we’ve achieved those two goals with you.

Inovra has two Community Groups you can join if you wish.  The aim of both is to maintain contact with our learners, supporting them and helping build their skills in the Quality Management arena as they gain new skills and experience.  We also pass on information about new courses launching, any available discounts that are available, and other useful information.

Our Senior Quality Consultant participates in both groups, so there is always someone there to answer questions if needed.  The two groups are:

Facebook:   Inovra Quality Community

LinkedIn:   Inovra Quality Community

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to us about helping you learn more about implementing Quality Management into your own organisation, please contact us on and we’ll be happy to help.