Customer Satisfaction

How can an organisation establish if it’s actually satisfying its customers?  If you’re not, you’d want to know … right?

Let me ask you a question … do you ask them? 

If you don’t have a Customer Satisfaction Survey … you’re missing out on valuable information.  There’s three kinds of customer:

  • Those who are unhappy enough to complain
  • Those who are happy enough to leave positive reviews
  • The silent majority!

Think of how many transactions your organisation completes in a week, then contrast that with the total number of complaints and positive reviews you receive.  For most organisations, there will be a large discrepancy between the two numbers.

As an organisation, you now have to think about that silent majority. 

Are they happy customers who are almost happy enough to leave positive reviews, or unhappy ones almost ready to leave complaints?

The truth is we don’t know … but the way to find out is to ask them via a Customer Service Survey!

Being realistic, you’ll never find out how every customer feels unless you physically speak to each of them (unrealistic in most cases) but any information the Survey does provide you with will be valuable.  It’s better to find out you have unhappy customers before they complain, rather than afterwards!

The last thing to ask is do the Board see the complaints?

When we say the Board, we mean the directors or the business owners.  They are the people who have the power and authority to make any change to the business necessary, so if people are complaining … the ‘Board’ have the power to fix it.  But if they don’t see the complaints, they won’t know they have anything to fix!