Benefits of Formal Quality Management

There are a few benefits to your customers of moving to a more formal Quality Management system:

  • The Product/Service meets the customers’ needs
  • They’re dealing with a supplier with a  ‘Getting it right the first time’ attitude
  • Rejecting less products for not meeting requirements

Before we go on, think of this question … are these qualities you look for in your own suppliers?  Of course, you do!  Who wouldn’t want a supplier that tries to provide the right thing first time, every time?

So, the obvious follow-up question is, do you think your customers look for the same things in their suppliers?  Of course, they do!  Your challenge is to make sure you tick the boxes your customers are looking for.

The benefits of formal Quality Management don’t just stop with your customers … there are benefits for your organisation too:

  • Happier customers … and happy customers tend to be repeat customers
  • Improved efficiency … less returns means less resources tied up dealing with them
  • Marketing opportunities … a solid reputation for making customers happy means brand recognition amongst potential customers

So now we’ve discussed what Quality is, and why you might want to manage it, let’s move on to how you can do it.