Quality Management

The No. 1 Factor in Referrals is Customer Experience

Satisfied customers tend to be loyal customers.  They also refer good brands to friends and colleagues.

This gives companies a huge opportunity … if you can satisfy each customer every time they interact with you, they’ll keep coming back … and bring their extended network with them.

Inovra can help you analyse the Customer Experience you provide, benchmark what works well and what doesn’t, then help you identify and fix the root causes.

Happy customers means more business for you.  Who doesn’t want that?

Understanding Customer Loyalty

Have you ever considered why you stay loyal to the brands that you do?  Why you choose them over their competition?
The odds are that a major reason is that they’ve never disappointed you.  Research proves that customers rarely recommend or go back to companies who’ve failed to meet their expectations in some way.
People find it far easier to remember the one thing that went wrong, rather than the nine things that went right … so from a company’s point of view, shouldn’t we focus on ensuring every customer interaction is focused on making the customer happy?

How Can Inovra Help?

Our ‘Managing Quality’ Program helps companies step back and look at their customer experience as a potential client experiences it.

By focusing on the ‘what actually happens’ rather than ‘what should happen’, this form of ‘Mystery Shopping’ can provide valuable insight into what they’re doing well … and what they’re doing wrong!

Using the techniques and tools in our Program, we help companies re-engineer their processes with a focus on fixing those problems now, and helping prevent them re-occurring in the future.

Our customers benefit from:

  • A ‘Get it Right First Time, Every Time’ attitude in their teams
  • Reduction in wasted effort and resources, saving them money
  • Reduced complaints and higher satisfaction scores, protecting their reputation
  • Earning a well-regarded reputation for doing what they promise, in the timeframe expected and ensuring the customer is satisfied

It can sound obvious, but our ‘Managing Quality’ Program can help you:

  • Give the customer what they want
  • When they want it, and
  • Order it in a way that’s convenient to them

Who doesn’t want that experience as a customer?

The Process

We know what it’s like when you’re trying to run a company … there’s so many demands on your time and focus. Trying to do the best you can, every time, so no customer feels let down takes significant effort and organisation.

Our ‘Managing Quality’ Program is designed to help you do this.

It’s combination of processes and systems of working help build a solid foundation within your company, allowing you to assess your existing Customer Journey (the collection of interactions between your client and you before, during, and after a purchase) to benchmark and improve its design.  Implementing the tools and practices to support that design help you deliver that ideal experience consistently for every customer, every day.

Your favourite brands make it easy for you to do business with them, they make your life easy when you deal with them.  Do your customers deserve anything less? 

Don’t you deserve to be someone’s favourite brand too?


Next Steps

1. Schedule a Meeting

Meet with one of our consultants, so they can map your ‘Customer Journey’ and discuss your goals.

2. Analysis and Plan

Together we’ll identify the steps necessary for your organisation to start delivering your ideal Customer Experience and work with your team to implement the systems and learn the skills needed

3. Get Results

Watch your business making its customers both happy and loyal repeat customers

Why is it Important?

At Inovra, we know your customers are important to you. We know you want them to be happy with every purchase, every interaction, and to know deep down that choosing you over your competition was the right choice.

To do this, you need to ensure that the whole experience ticks all their boxes, with each customer interaction building to that overall goal. You need to ensure your operation is aligned with your vision to deliver the result you want.

The problem is that the thought of stepping away from the day-to-day bustle of business to work on, rather than in, the business can seem a little overwhelming, which makes you wonder where to begin.

We believe that every customer deserves a superb customer experience, and we understand that this does not happen by chance.

That’s why Inovra’s ‘Managing Quality’ Program is based on the international Quality Management standard ISO 9001. The standard has been developed and refined over 50 years, using feedback from academics, experts and multinational corporations to give a list of requirements for a world-class quality management system.

The Program helps you to identify the ‘Ideal Customer Experience’ you want to provide, then helps you analyse the necessary interactions from the organisation to provide this. From there, it breaks down your existing operation to help plan any changes to procedures or skills needed to help restructure your operation to be able to deliver that ideal customer experience consistently to each customer.

So call today, so you can stop being a ‘good enough’ supplier and let us help you be a ‘first choice’ supplier to your clients.